Aerial Cartographic & Remote Sensing Conference 2016

International conference on aircraft borne and unmanned platforms, photogrammetry and image analysis

Venue of the conference: Budapest

Date: 20-21 October 2016

The aim of the international conference, organised by the Óbuda University and the ACRSA, is to provide a possibility of appearance as well as insight for the professional public (engineers, pilots, photographers, manufacturers of UAVs and instruments, university professors and students engaged in aerial surveying, aircraft maintenance, aerial photography, manufacturing and distributing measuring cameras and measuring instruments, photogrammetry, aerial remote sensing, aerial photograph evaluation, data collection, cartography and generation of 3D files) introducing the history of the various organisations, the history of the 100 years of aerial cartography, promoting recognition of the most advanced methods.

We provide space for companies and institutes to present themselves and for instrument manufacturers and distributors to draw attention to the latest trends. We wish to promote sharing experience and opinion amongst aerial surveyors, allowing them to present their newest works and the operation and history of the surveying workshops they represent.

Key sections


Software, experience and measurement results


Evaluation and image analysis in the fields of agriculture, municipality management, waste management, vegetation research, nature conservation, environment protection, mining surveys, disaster prevention, hydrology and archeology.

Professional history

The history of aerial surveys; an introduction of organisations, companies and notable persons within the trade.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Experience with the various models, Do-it-yourself, Rights and possibilities in various fields


Experience with precision flights, introduction of the various models, modifications and database


Introduction of the various models, measurement results and tests On board measuring equipment; what to use in case of UAVs?

Field instruments

Equipment of 3D field surveys, collection of ground control points and control points, geodesy


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Attendance fee

If paid until 20 July If paid after 20 July
For visitors and presenters HUF 35,000 HUF 50,000
For Ph.D students HUF 15,000 HUF 22,000
For Msc students HUF 10,000 HUF 17,000

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Venue of the conference

Óbuda University, Budapest, Bécsi út 96/b

The location in aerial panorama taken from unmanned aerial vehicle