Institute of Applied Mathematics

The Institute of Applied Mathematics gathers nationwide as well as internationally known and recognized researchers enforcing the professional background of the BSc, MSc and PhD training at the Faculty. The Institute represents a research oriented organization focusing on scientific fields like applied informatics for interdisciplinary engineering, computer aided modeling, intelligent computer studies and applied computing science.


Name Status Additional status Room number Phone
Péter Kárász, PhD associate professor director of Institute, vice-dean for education 4.05 5585
Magdolna Szőke, PhD senior lecturer vice director of Institute 4.13 5536
Vivien Bertók-Kőhalmi administrator   4.22 5544
Árpád Baricz, Prof., PhD, habil. professor   4.17 5537
Gábor Berta lecturer   4.14 5525
Judit Csicsek  lecturer   4.15 5597
Csiszár Orsolya, PhD senior lecturer   4.11 5595
János Fülöp, PhD associate professor   4.20 5512
Gábor Hegedűs, PhD associate professor   4.11 5596
Krisztián Kósi, PhD assistant lecturer   4.18 5524
Alexandru Kristály, Prof. PhD habil. professor   4.17 5537
Zoltán Léka, PhD senior lecturer   4.16 5543
Tibor Pogány, Prof., PhD, habil. professor   4.17 5537
Edit Schmidt lecturer   4.12 5596
Márta Takács, PhD associate professor   4.19 5546
József Tar, Prof. PhD, habil. professor   4.16 5543
István Vajda, PhD senior lecturer   4.15 5597
Ágnes Záborszky  lecturer   4.12 5596
Tímea Zsíros  assistant lecturer   4.13 5536


Name Status Additional status Room number Phone
Ágota Cserjés, PhD honorary associate professor   4.11 5595
Anna György, PhD honorary associate professor Mathematics group leader 4.14 5525