Institute for Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS)

The Institute's educational, research and innovation activities embrace the full spectrum of cyber-physical systems, ranging from embedded systems with sensors, through computer networks for secure data transfer, to IT cloud-based storage and processing, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Our aim is to enable students to master the most up-to-date IT security, cloud, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies related to this field in addition to the grounding subjects such as operating systems, electronics and databases in a practice-oriented way. Our colleagues participate in the university's BProf, BSc, MSc, and PhD courses in Hungarian and English, as well as in the management of dual trainings, Erasmus collaborations and 3 specializations.
The Institute's applied research areas include (among others) UAV technologies, workflow and orchestration solutions for complex services, and motion detection/analysis.



Name Status additional status Consultation time
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Roomnumber Phone
Róbert Lovas, PhD, habil. associate professor   Monday 12:00-13:30 3.05 5557
Rita Dominika Fleiner, PhD senior lecturer   Monday 8:00-9:30 3.18 5578
Zsuzsanna Bácskai administrator     4.08 5541
Eszter Balázsné Kail, PhD senior lecturer Erasmus coordinator Tuesday 13:30-15:00 3.06 5574
Zsolt Bringye  technical assistant   Thursday 9:30-11:00 3.06 5574
Annamária Cserfalvi  technical assistant     2.16/B 5590
Levente István Durczy  technical assistant   Monday 13:20-14:50 3.24 5576
György Fekete assistant lecturer     3.22 5549
Péter Fésüs assistant lecturer   Thursday 8:55-10:35 3.22 5587
József Kelemen  technical assistant   Thursday 12:00-13:30 3.22 5587
Henriette Komoróczky-Steiner, PhD senior lecturer   Thursday 12.30-14.00 3.23 5549
Gábor Légrádi  lecturer   Wednesday 17:00-18:30 3.07 5577
István Lovas  technical  assistant   Monday 8:00-9:30 3.22 5586
József Mezei  technical assistant   Thursday 18.00-19.30 3.24 5576
András Molnár, PhD, habil. associate professor dean   4.07 5523
András Nagy  technical assistant   Tuesday 13:30-15:00 3.16 5514
Ernő Rigó technical assistant   Friday 8:00-9:30 3.05 5557
János Sicz-Mesziár  technical administrator   Monday 16:00-17:30 3.22 5587
László Somlyai assistant lecturer   Tuesday 14:00-16:00 3.23 5549
Zsolt Sziklai  technical assistant   Thursday 8:55-10:35 3.22 5587
Ádám Tikász  technical assistant   Monday 13:30-15:00 3.04 5580
Tamás Tiszai lecturer   Wednesday 15:30-17:00 3.06 5574
Tamás Vígh  technical assistant   Monday 11:40-13:20 2.16/A 5589


Name Status additional status Consultation time
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Roomnumber Phone
Vendel Bence Czinder          
Roland Csipkereki          
Károly Farkas, PhD associate professor     3.16 5514
Péter Holyinka, PhD honorary associate professor     3.17 5556
László Kutor, PhD associate professor     1.18  
Dezső Sima, Prof. PhD professzor emeritus founder-director   4.09 5507
Katalin Szenes, PhD honorary associate professor     3.17 5556
Dániel Gergely          
Péter Piros