The activities of education and research are related to 4 institutes.

Institute for Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS)

The Institute's educational, research and innovation activities embrace the full spectrum of cyber-physical systems, ranging from embedded systems with sensors, through computer networks for secure data transfer, to IT cloud-based storage and processing, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Institute of Biomatics

The Institute of Biomatics (BMI) collaborates with domestically and internationally renowned experts, researchers and firms with outstanding R+D activity to strengthen the BSc, MSc and PhD programs of the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics. In addition to teaching, BMI has a strong focus on research and development, covering biotechnology, medical informatics, robotics and applied computer sciences in an integrated view.

Institute of Applied Informatics

The Institute of Applied Informatics is focusing on disciplines and activities related to fundamentals of computer architectures, protocols, standards, security and operation.

Institute of Applied Mathematics

The Institute of Applied Mathematics gathers nationwide as well as internationally known and recognized researchers enforcing the professional background of the BSc, MSc and PhD training at the Faculty. The Institute represents a research oriented organization focusing on scientific fields like applied informatics for interdisciplinary engineering, computer aided modeling, intelligent computer studies and applied computing science.