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Aerial Cartographic and Remote Sensing Conference

The 4th Conference on Aerial Mapping and Remote Sensing, held on September 21-22 with the support of the John von Neumann Faculty of Informatics (NIK) of Obuda University, proved to be an outstanding event. The conference brought together the professional community and provided an opportunity to share knowledge, learn about the latest modern technologies, and gain professional experience. 

The primary areas of specialization of the conference included photogrammetry, LiDAR technology, unmanned platforms, airborne vehicles, geospatial information, sensors, and instrumentation, as well as a professional history and technology exhibition. These sessions allowed participants to gain a comprehensive overview of the latest developments and applications in aerial mapping and remote sensing. 

Among the presentations, several interesting topics were discussed, including Dr. Gábor Bakó’s high-resolution aircraft monitoring network, Dr. Krisztina Demény’s study of reed habitats using the NRMH methodology, Bence Dávid Bájer’s study on the habitat of Csillebérc, Edina Hajdu’s creation of a 3D virtual geotourism application, Mátyás Mikus’s reconstruction of woody pastures supported by drone survey, and many others. 

The conference proved highly beneficial, particularly for young drone pilots, cartographers, monitoring surveyors, specialists engaged in agricultural and other imaging surveys, as well as aspiring professionals. Young attendees had the opportunity to explore various sectors within the field, innovative equipment, and methodologies. Through case studies, they gained insights into distinctive aerial survey and precision management tasks while also being briefed on the legal framework governing such operations. 

Presentations covered a wide range of ESG topics and issues, contributing to strengthening sustainable development and social responsibility in the field of aerial mapping and remote sensing. The conference was an event of high professionalism in the field, bringing together practitioners, investors, and users of drone and aerial remote sensing products. Developing according to ESG principles is a major step toward a sustainable future, and the conference made a significant contribution to this process.