In addition to high quality teaching, the Neumann János Faculty of Informatics is also a home of effective scientific work and innovation. The research groups and laboratories of the faculty carry out their research activities in close cooperation with the University Research and Innovation Centre in the fields of informatics and computer science.

The Neumann Faculty’s broad research portfolio includes medical informatics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, embedded systems, drone development, parallel and distributed systems and other applied informatics research.

Students from the Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics actively participate in the scientific work of the faculty, talented undergraduate and master students have the opportunity to join the research groups. There is a long tradition of Scientific Students’ Associations activity at the faculty, which provides a forum for talented students to present their results each semester.

Research groups, research labs:

  • Applied machine learning
  • Artificial pancreas for diabetic patients
  • Biomedical Affective Computing (BioMAC)
  • Biostatistical analysis of public health problems
  • Control engineering problems and software quality management of hemodialysis machines
  • Cybersecurity lab, Security Operation Center
  • Dassault Lab
  • Development of special applications using robotic aircraft (drones)
  • eXplainable AI
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Goethe Gait Lab Biomechanical Movement Laboratory
  • Hardware programs and embedded systems
  • Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment
  • High performance computing
  • Living donor kidney exchange programme optimization
  • Model-based optimal control method for cancer treatment

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