AWS Day 2022

Dear Clouders,

It is time for another AWS Day Budapest!
Join us for this very exciting online event around AI/ML! ☁️

In the first part of the workshop you will learn about how Amazon’s fulfillment network is made up of advanced technology and a variety of building types to support processing orders. This includes the use of robotics, computer vision, IoT, and multiple ML/AI powered services supported by AWS. In the second part, you will learn more about AI/ML Services on AWS.

Time: October 6th 9am (CEST)
Venue: online (webex)

Don’t forget to indicate your attendance, then the streaming link will be available.


09:00 – Welcome speech & speakers intro by Madhu Kumar Yeluri (T-Systems)
09:15 – Innovation Culture by Attila Lengyel (AWS)
10:15 – AWS in the Amazon Fulfillment Center by Attila Lengyel (AWS) 11:15 Break / Q&A
11:30 – Overview on AI/ML Services on AWS (probable demo of DeepRacer) by Madhu Kumar Yeluri (T-Systems)
12:00 Q&A and Closing

For more information and for the streaming link click HERE!*

Language of the presentations: English
The participation is free of charge.

See you there!
Best regards,
The Organizers

* Please note that AWS Day will be recorded, and the recording may include the audience’s activity during the Q&A sessions as well. The recording will be published on our social media channels and internal communication platforms. By clicking on the AWS Day streaming link, you agree to these terms.