Applied Mathematics (MSc)

In today’s typically inter- and multidisciplinary working environment, there is a strong need for professionals with a strong theoretical background, capable of analysing and effectively solving mathematical problems in engineering applications. Our Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics with a specialisation in Engineering Mathematics is unique in the country and represents a niche in this field.

Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that focuses on mathematical methods applied in engineering and natural sciences, industry and economics, modelling, analysing and studying problems, developing and applying methods to solve them, and providing algorithmic tools for their study.

Applied mathematicians usually work in mixed teams, where their job is to “mine” the mathematics from the project. The main skills expected of them are:

  • Modelling and problem solving skills in diverse and changing domains.
  • Interest, knowledge and flexibility in applications.
  • Computer skills and experience.
  • Written and oral communication skills.
  • Strong abstraction and analytical skills, logical thinking.

Applied mathematics training therefore focuses on three main areas:

  • Mathematical skills, in particular modelling and algorithms.
  • Computer skills (programming, HPC skills, computer graphics, etc.)
  • Group work

The Applied Mathematics MSc focuses on engineering applications, drawing on the professional background and industrial links of the university’s technical faculties. Graduates will be able to:

  • work effectively with development engineers in mathematical modelling of engineering problems,
  • mathematical solutions to problems encountered in innovative engineering practice,
  • numerically solve problems in engineering,
  • effective use of computers.

The Applied Mathematics MSc is open to students with a BSc or MSc degree.  Students with a degree in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics or Engineering have an advantage in the area of applied and/or computer science.

Description of the programme

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