Computer Science Engineering (MSc)

MSc graduates will be able to design new IT systems and tools, develop and integrate IT systems, and carry out IT-related research and development tasks.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you can continue your studies directly – possibly after a few years of work – at Master’s level (MSc), either in our country or abroad.

The aim of the Master’s degree in Computer Engineering is to train engineers who, having acquired a high level of scientific and specific technical knowledge related to the field of informatics, are capable of designing new IT systems and tools, developing and integrating IT systems, carrying out and coordinating R&D tasks in the field of IT, and continuing their studies in the framework of a PhD. The 4 semesters of the MSc focus on interdisciplinarity and on two very dynamic areas, combining the practical orientation required by industry with the theoretical knowledge required by research and development.

Description of the programme

More information about the programme is available here:


– robotics

– biomedical engineering (focusing on two areas: medical image processing, evidence based medicine)

– mobile application and game development specialization

We introduce the specialisations with well-supported theoretical foundations in mathematics and engineering informatics, followed by practical subjects and assignments sought after by the university’s research centres and our industrial contacts.


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