Exciting Research Opportunity: Explore the Evolution of Diabetes in the Population Under Cultural Influences!

Are you a passionate PhD student candidate who is interested in the topic of “Diabetes Evolution in the Population under Cultural Influences: Physiological and Agent-Based Models”? Join renowned professor and Director of CNR IRIB Andrea De Gaetano and take part in this groundbreaking research project. 

Project Overview:

The project aims to formulate an agent-based model of the evolution of body size and insulin sensitivity in individuals exposed to mutual cultural influences regarding food intake and physical activity levels. Two basic sub-models will interact, a “longitudinal” physiological and a “transversal” sociological submodel. The model would eventually explain the evolution of diabetes prevalence in populations and allow the assessment of the efficacy of educational campaings over decades. This work is developed in collaboration with CNR IRIB Messina Italy. 

You will have the exciting opportunity to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Julia programming language on Windows OS and LaTeX.
  • Gain expertise in in-silico agent-based modeling concepts and techniques.
  • Conduct an in-depth literature search on cultural determinants of excessive food intake, levels of physical activity, and the physiology of the relationship between overweight, insulin resistance, and the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • Participate in the definition of a comprehensive longitudinal (physiological) and transversal (cultural influence) model, incorporating the progression to diabetes under mutual influencing.
  • Implement the above model in Julia.
  • Conduct sensitivity analyses and explore scenarios of educational campaign efficacy in reducing population rates of diabetes over decades.
  • Compile six-monthly progress reports in LaTeX, with content directly translatable into manuscripts for publication.

Why Join Us:

  • Work on a cutting-edge research project.
  • Collaborate with renowned experts in the field.
  • Contribute to scientific advancements in diabetes research.
  • Application Deadline: CONTINUOUS, the sooner th better!

Ready to make a difference? Apply now and become part of a transformative research initiative! #ResearchOpportunity #JoinUsNow